Septic Frequent Questions

Here are the septic system frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Do I need to add bacteria to my septic tank after a pump out?

A. With normal use the human waste from your body will provide all the bacteria necessary in the septic tank.

Q. Can a clogged drainfield be repaired by cleaning or adding enzymes?

A. Most drainfield failures will need replacement. The only way to evaluate the cause of the problem is an onsite inspection by a registered licensed septic tank contractor. There is no conclusive data to support the long term effectiveness of enzyme use.

Q. How often should I have my septic tank pumped? 

A. Depending on usage it is recommended that you pump your septic tank every three to five years. The more solids that have accumulated the less efficient your septic tank will perform.

Q. My system has a filter, how often should I clean the filter?

A. Depending on usage it is recommended that you clean your filter once every six to twelve months.

Q. Is it all right to flush feminine products down a commode serviced by a septic tank?

A. No. These products are made of cellulose, a non-biodegradable product (the bacteria in the septic tank cannot work on this type of material).

Q. Is it okay to have a garbage disposal in a kitchen that is connected to a septic tank?

A. Yes. But care should be used not to allow excessive grease or non-biodegradable products such as fruit or vegetable peelings to get into the disposal system. Your septic tank is like a trash can and must be emptied regularly. The more you use the garbage disposal the more often you will need to empty (pump) the septic tank.

Q. Can I plant trees or shrubbery over my septic tank or drainfield?

A. Try not to do this. If the tree or bush has a strong root system the roots can choke your drainfield. Roots can also get into the septic tank, reducing its capacity and possibly blocking the inlet or outlet pipe of the septic tank.

Q. Is it okay to drive or park cars on my drainfield? 

A. No. You will cause possible damage or crush your drainfield and will have to pay for a costly repair.